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Ikes - Pray For Me

Текст песни: Ikes - Pray For Me

Verse 1

Today I handed in my notice; quit my dayjob
And thats a great job
I can finally get my cape on Im focussed
Ive got two feet, in the ocean Im hopeless
Baring on my sleeves my emotion
Im glad I did it too Im glad Im gettin rid of you
Over three years I ridiculed with your minimals
Wearing that red shirt, me? I saw less church
And it gets worse its like gettin outta bed hurt
Like Fred Durst had me out on a limp
Will I win?
Went head first it nearly drowned me and shit
For years waiting on a miracle
PR and the visuals
Great, get it typical my fates to be a criminal
And this is my justification
Man its amazing
The game ran up on my patience
And stuck it in the basement
Screaming get away from me
Ive got nothin to lose now
(Pray For Me)

Verse 2

This is what I plan to be
This is how it had to be
But what is my reality is actually my tragedy
Losing my insanity Im rude to all my family
Who and who is Grey it used to be my anatomy!
Shit trynna pull the rug from me
You wouldnt know me if it wasnt for the blood money
Yeah you know me solely
The one and only define struggle?
Coz I been working the serving has been the side hustle
In one night, more cheese than your main one
Got niggas that will bleed for a G
So we can trade son
Wanna be impressed?
You should see the shit I came from
Youre looking at the best
And yes Ima self raised one
I didnt start with a lot
And though I aint won
Ive never had to ask for a shot
I had to take one
And as the great one?
What more can they claim from me?
Still got suttin to prove you should
(Pray For Me)

Verse 3

For three years I been a victim of the trouble right?
For three years I been living in this double life
Call it a triple putting music in the middle
This is aint a riddle
I know Im confusing it a little
Bare with me though!
Still the same just in different closes
Really a star its just a shame
Im in a different show
Trynna make the transition to the limelight
And now Im out the system my missions
To get the time right!
Put that on everything
Im high enough for anything
You should see me live
I been ready to geddit in
I got my wedding ring down to propose
Is it a clever thing?
Climbing into bed wit these hoes
But I be standing on the corner
Hanging out wit cheaters
I had this Aura (Ora)
Way before you knew Rita
Ima be fine though Im ahead of my time so
Ima shine bro chill
Let your mind go


Northside you should
(Pray For Me)
Southside you should
(Pray For Me)
Westside you should
(Pray For Me) x2
Whole damn world you should
(Just Pray For Me)
The UK you should
(Pray For Me)
London you should,
(Pray For Me)
(Pray For Me) x2
(Just Pray For Me)

Me, Ikes, Pray
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